Indy Redi-Rock Retaining Wall Project Profiles

Indianapolis Redi-Rock retaining wall residential shoreline protection and installation

This home required tall shoreline protection retaining walls to protect it from flooding and erosion caused by the river. See why the owners chose Redi-Rock for aesthetics and functionality!

Indianapolis Redi-Rock retaining wall road erosion repair

This roadway erosion problem required tall gravity retaining walls that didn’t need reinforcement. Redi-Rock was the perfect solution!

Indianapolis Redi-Rock retaining wall storm channel

Retaining wall installation experts from Redi-Rock K.I.T. installed this aesthetic storm channel solution for a residential erosion repair project. Check out the case study!

Indinanapolis Redi-Rock retaining wall residential landscape

The owners of this home chose Redi-Rock Ledgestone retaining walls for their landscape renovation. Read how they used Redi-Rock to create space in their sloping yard for a pool. 

Design Manual

  • retaining wall case study

    The Redi-Rock Design Resource Manual is an invaluable resource for any engineer or architect designing a Redi-Rock wall.

    Download the Redi-Rock Design Resource Manual today!

    Complete Manual 
    Note: This is a large file and may take several minutes to download

    Section 1
    -General Info
    -Case Studies
    -Block Library
    -Design Information

    Section 2
    -Height Guides

    Section 3
    -Product Data Sheets and CSI Specifications

    Section 4
    -Installation Guide and Construction Details

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Indy Retaining Walls Toolbox

How Does Redi-Rock Work?

What is Redi-Rock

Check out this brief informational overview video about how the Redi-Rock retaining wall system works.

Design Resources

Redi-Rock Wall Analysis Software

Redi-Rock offers a variety of great technical resources to make it easier to design your Indianapolis area retaining walls. Click the links below to take a look!